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I am an internet entrepreneur at and, online strategist, analyst and Drupal developer. At AboutAnalytics I work on content and publicity strategy.

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Review for tool: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool for web analytics when you first start discovering what is going on on your site. It is rather easy to implement and most CMSs have a plugin to install the Google Analytics tags on each page.

The Dashboard is great, very user friendly. I gave less score for actionable insights because with all this data it is for a noob difficult to see what one has to do with all this information. Google offers little support on this (low score here is well). So my advice when Internet is important for your business is to hiring an good analist of consultancy firm to give you the insights on what to do with all the data you gather with Google Analytics. Next you can take actions and really improve your website so you can finally improve your bottom-line.

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