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Review for tool: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is easy to use with a userfriendly design. This year the new version has been released with very nice new features too, which makes the tool even more interesting to use. Still adding new features, like social media reporting, page-load-time reporting and multichannel funnels (not yet available for everyone). You can see Adwords-data by enabling autotracking, which gives reports with great insights. Great tool with many integrations with other tools, like Google Website Optimizer, Visual Website Optimizer and BTBuckets.

Actionable insights:
It provides actionable insights with the default reports, but also with custom made reports you are able to configure the report with the metrics you wish. Unfortunately it is not possible to make custom path-analysis with multiple steps featuring historical data.

Support quality:
There is no support from Google directly, but lots to be found on blogs and forums. And of course there are several agency's who are official Google Analytics Certified Partners like in the Netherlands.

Dashboard quality:
The dashboard-tool gives in the new version more features, but at this point it is not possible to export the dashboard. In the new version you are able to make several dashboards within one account, which is desirable if you have different stakeholders with different needs.

It is easy to use the tool, lots of information to be found on internet too.

Ease of implementation:
The implementation is relatively easy when there are not too many customisations. For e-commerce tracking, cross-domain tracking and other advanced implementation issues the best is to get the help of a Google Analytics Certified Partner.


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