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Histats is a free webanalytics tool, which provides full real time statistics with largely extended information.

Reviews for Histats

If you are a professional blogger then you must track your daily website visitors on the basis of total volume,differential volume,organic traffic,direct traffic,referring websites etc because it helps in building a good strategy regarding content creation and it gives true idea for writing.

Histats is really useful and effective fully free stats checker tool and you can use it to analyze traffic on your website. Histats cookie is a powerful cookie and we have not to login again and again every time we start computer or browser, which is good in comparison with Sitemeter which requires login every time when we restart browser and we have to login Google Analytics after computer restart.

It is very easy to navigate Histats and we can generate quick traffic reports on the basis of different aspects.

Key - features of HiStats:

  • Add multiple websites in a Single account: You can add as many website to our account and track their traffic separately.
  • A lot of attractive counters: You can add stylish animated traffic counters showing total visitors,daily visitors,online visitors and page views. Attractive online visitors oblique strip  looks awesome. You can also add hidden counter which is not visible to readers.
  • Real - time online visitor panel: It is the most attractive feature of Histats which is not available in most of other services. Its online visitors panel it automatically reload page and shows online visitors with comprehensive detail such as page title,country,OS,browser,traffic source,search queries,geo location,ip address etc. Thus we get real-time traffic report without reloading a page.
  • Comprehensive search keyword data: Histats shows search keywords as well as search url in full detail. It also shows the search engine traffic and direct traffic summary.
  • Generate traffic report based on day or month: Generate traffic report using a calendar and get report based on any previous date or month.
  • IP exclusion: You can exclude IP address to make traffic report accurate. It is possible to exclude up to 15 IP address.
  • Traffic by title: Using this feature you can track the popularity of any web page in site. In this section Histats shows total daily or monthly hits on all articles.

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