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From €500/mo - €3000/mo
Social Media Analytics

Engagor is a new alternative in social media monitoring industry. It is an intelligent Social Media Management Solution with extensive list of features and user-friendly interface. With Engagor you can:

  • Monitor the social web globally and target locally in real-time, monitor what people are saying about your brand and guard your online reputation.
  • Measure your online performance and get meaningful insights, get to know the effectiveness and impact of your marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Discover highly relevant people and conversations quickly and easily in the noise
  • Leverage social intelligence for product management and market research
  • Listen and respond anywhere, anytime and bring your customer care to the next level. Identify new potential sales leads.
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Price details: 
From €500/mo - €3000/mo
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Variable plans are available: Basic - €500/month; Professional - €1500/month; Enterprise - €3000/month
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Vendor is allowed to use aggregated, anonymous data
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Storage in Western Europe
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Extended filtering options:

From every page of your Engagor profile you can always drill down the mentions through various filters: author, source, key-words, sentiment, language, tags, smart-tags. Additionally, you can save these searches also for a later use.

Advanced export options:

Similarly, to the filtering options, from every page of your account, you can export data in different formats.

Engagor Events:

Engagor Events are deviations outside of the ordinary number of mentions, for a given combination of source category + country + language. Basically, it allows you to see deviations from your expectations. According to the Engagor, it is a very useful feature in case of crisis management. When this situation occurs, you are able to click through to see what exactluy is being talked about, understand what is going on and what actions should be taken.

This feature allows you to analyze a statistical significance and difference. Additionally to that, Engagor is going to implement a feature that would allow you to receive an email notification each time there is a deviation.

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Engagor is not a simple alternative to other social media monitoring tools, because its highly developed feature package can make your monitoring intelligent. And this slogan is not a simple marketing trick, but is based on their advanced user options that are constantly developing.

With Engagor you can easily create topics and projects to start tracking the necessary data. Every topic can have up to 10 connected accounts, from Facebook and Twitter to Foursqure and RSS feeds. In case you represent a larger company, you will love the user roles setting option. You can change configurations of all the accounts and assign only the necessary permissions without any problems. To enhance your searching and filtering process, you can create your own smarter tags that will help you to track mentions that represent the highest value for your brand. When your goals are set, you can start getting the data and enjoy the insights Engagor is offering.

On the main dashboard page you can get a quick overview of tasks that are assigned to you, summary of the inbox panel with the last updates and the simple visualized pattern of your project performance in the last 28 days.

The inbox section includes the list of updates that you are tracking collected from all over the web with handy command options that you can perform. Direct reply or like, assign task to your team members, view the author profile or translate the message. Everything is quickly accessible to increase your working efficiency. Additionally, you can use a category panel to get an immediate overview of the segmented data.

To get the most advanced stats of your social web performance you need to use the insights section. Additionally to all industry basic options like trends, influencers and sentiment analysis, Engagor has a list of features that make them superior and your tracking exciting. One of the features is extended filtering; you can deeply drill down using various filters and save them for later use.

Another feature that could help during a crisis management, called event tracking, enables you to monitor deviations from your expectations. It means you can be notified by any unexpected increase in your brand mentions. Engagor helps you not to lose track of such situations and gives a chance to analyze the event and make the necessary adjustments. And this feature is supported by an ability to see the significance (standard deviations) of such cases, thus you can be sure that your stats will be tracked properly.

With Engagor you will not experience any data export issues, whatever page you have opened and whatever task you are performing, you can export your data as PDF, CSV, XLS or JSON. To keep pulse of your business you can set email notifications with different time periods.

Overall, Engagor is very powerful tool with good visualization effects and easy data overview options, but it takes some time until you master it and all the benefits it is offering, but the time pays back with advanced stats for your business. The pricing is relatively variable, so Engagor is targeted mainly for middle-size and large enterprises. You can see their price list here. One of the problems is that Engagor on the moment cannot provide advanced support options, but you can be sure that this tool will be growing and developing, and the support of their clients will be slightly enhanced. But for now, you can test a trial version, because Engagor is a tool that should be tested if you are looking for a competitive solution.

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